Tools – Video collaboration tool – Load testing and functional testing toolkit

Assume role – CLI tool making it easy to assume IAM roles

Authy – Two-factor authentication (2FA) App – Interactive IP address and CIDR range visualizer

Crontab guru – Simple editor for cron schedule expressions – Online diagram editor

DynamoDB Admin – Desktop client

Epoch Converter – Unix Timestamp Converter

Fiddler – Web debugging proxy

FileZilla – FTP client

Hastebin – Source code sharing

JMeter – Load testing tool

JSON Web Tokens – Debugger

KeePassX – Password manager

MySQL Workbench – MySQL visual database design tool

Pidgin – Chat client

Portainer – Making Docker management easy

Postman – API development environment

Redis Commander – Redis desktop client

Redis Manager – Redis desktop client – Regex tester

Spyder – Scientific Python development environment

Tsung – Stress testing tool

Visual Studio Code – Source code editor – WebSocket tester